Four Car Maintenance Tips You Should Consider

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Taking care of your car can prove to be costly and time-consuming. However, when you do maintenance frequently, you can save lots of cash in the end. If you are driving a new or used car, you should ensure that you get the most out of it. Undertaking preventive maintenance on your car should keep your car running smoothly and prevent mechanical severe problems. Presented below are some car maintenance tips that won’t cost a lot of money and will pay off in the long.


Check Air Filter

Your car can experience numerous problems because of dirty air filters. Unclean filters reduce the quantity of fresh air that reaches your engine. This negatively affects the emissions control system and fouls the spark plugs, which in turn can create starting issues, engine problems, rough idle among more. And that is not all! Soiled filters will also affect how your AC works and put your health at risk since you will be breathing unhealthy air in your car. It is recommended that you should replace your air filters yearly or after covering 12000.


car engineChange Oil

How often you should replace your oil depends on your cars make and model. However, it suggested that you should contemplate oil change every six months or 5000 miles. You can also know when to go for oil by having a closer look at your autos manual. Between the changes, you should always check the level of oil in your engine to ensure that reduce the odds of straining or damaging your engine. Engine oil is like the blood of your engine, and low levels can cut down engine power significantly as the engine will be unable to provide the smooth movement of its parts. This will increase your vehicles fuel consumption. Your engine will cease functioning if you continue driving with low engine oil.


Inspect Fluids and Tire Pressure

You will realize that most fluids in your vehicle run out too quickly. If you fail to keep a close eye on them as well as your tires, you will be reducing the lifespan of your automobile. Apart from checking the engine oil as mentioned earlier, you should also look at the power steering fluid, radiator coolant, brake fluid, AC coolant, and transmission oil levels. After inspecting the fluids, you should check the tire pressure of all your four wheels. This should be done when the temperature is low to get the exact reading. Low tire pressure is the main cause of the quick-wear of tires. Also, rotate your tires once in a while to make sure that they wear out evenly.


Replace Spark Plugs

If you realize that your engine is not functioning effectively, one of the problems could be spark plugs. You can check your car’s manual if you want to find the exact details of when you should replace them. Failing spark plugs will make your engine misfire and affect its efficiency. When the spark plugs ail to ignite the fuel-air mixture, the engine won’t run as a result of incomplete combustion. This will damage the catalytic converter.

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